Fun Viewing with Friends

Blogs are about anything. They reflect your personal views, life experiences, and the music or people you admire. So why not a blog about the very talented Mr. Hugh Jackman—singer, actor, producer extraordinaire. There isn’t any dance or song he can’t do. I love when he hosts award shows.

One thing a big fan does is share the love. I show his films to friends on special occasions. I have a vast collection from the older Wolverine and X Men to the new The Greatest Showman. Les Misérables and The Prestige are always on hand. I could write a review on each one, but I won’t. I am more interested in telling you what a fiasco the latest movie night was. I had gotten the snacks ready and the CD was set out on the table. Friends were due to arrive within the hour. I always get excited about sharing Hugh. Meanwhile, however, I needed to take a shower and was ready to jump in when I discovered—no hot water! Drat! No, the electricity had not gone out nor a breaker switched off. Oh, how I wish I had listened to my mother and had replaced the old monster tank with one of these tankless models. I had to rush around and find a repairman who would come at the last minute. I couldn’t even ask the fee.

Everyone was surprised that I wasn’t dressed and that the plumber was still there. Needless to say we had to delay the movie. I just said “talk amongst yourselves.” And so they did. They looked at my memorabilia and film inventory. Too bad I couldn’t join in. But it all ended well an hour later when the title rolled across the screen and Hugh’s gorgeous face made an appearance.