Favorite Hugh Jackman Films

There are so many reasons to like a lot of Hugh Jackman’s filmography. He picks some really great roles, sometimes even when the movie is not the best or something that you would typically watch. I thought I would run down a couple that I really like so that you can check them out if you haven’t already.

I don’t think I could start a list like this without Wolverine being at the top. Seventeen years is a long time to play one character, even if it was spread across nine films (if you count uncredited cameos, which I do). It is hard to imagine anybody else wearing the claws, and I hope that they go with X-23 instead of a replacement. The part required both athleticism and emotional talent, which Hugh embodied so well. Wolverine is probably one of Marvel’s most successful on-screen heroes, and that is mostly thanks to the way Hugh portrayed him.

If you are talking straight up acting roles, you can never go wrong with Hugh Jackman as a romantic lead. Whether we’re talking about a time traveling Duke as in Kate & Leopold, a roommate and all around nice guy in Someone Like You… or a trio of romantic leads in The Fountain, he is always a pleasure to watch. He’s very believable as the guy you’d want to fall in love with or as the man devoted to his wife. At least for the latter, it is probably easy for him to pull off because it is true! I will say that my favorite romantic movie is Kate & Leopold because it is quirky and funny and all around interesting. The casting was spot on and makes for a really great film in an otherwise forgettable genre.

He is also able to play roles that are more emotional. My favorite of these is The Prestige. It is a dark and tragic movie. It is awful watching him lose more and of himself as his quest for revenge swallows him up. The role is serious, running a huge range of emotions, and almost over-the-top vindictive. Yet Hugh’s acting makes a hard-to-follow story incredibly easy to watch, especially with repeated viewings.

I saved the musical parts for last. I think of those, I always enjoyed his appearances at the Tony Awards, especially as host. I was never a fan of Les Misérables, but he did a fantastic job as Jean Valjean – his appearance, with the weight gain and loss in itself is awe-inspiring. But my favorite musical performance of his would be in The Greatest Showman. He really looked like he was having a good time playing the character and performing as P.T. Barnum. The songs and performances are a sheer joy to watch, and I think he had a big part in that spirit being present on the set. However, if you really want to see him doing a great performance in a musical, see if you can find the 1999 TV movie Oklahoma! You might already be familiar with the play and his character, Curly, but it is a real treat to watch.

Did I leave out your favorite role? Let me know in the comments and have your own say.