Obsessed? No. A little too interested? Maybe….

I have a favorite actor. And I pay a lot of attention to articles about him, roles he plays, and things like that. So what. I can admire someone. Especially someone as talented, as professional, and as nice as Hugh Jackman. I mean, I don’t want to break up his marriage, and I am not about to scour the internet to find out where he is going to be so that I can show up there. I don’t want to invade his privacy – that’s what paparazzi are for. Honestly, if I saw him in the street, I might snap a really blurry picture with my phone because I’d be shaking, but that’s about it. Really, who am I kidding, I would probably faint. I probably would not even be brave enough to say something to him, nevermind ask to pose for a picture or something.

Hugh Jackman came to my attention when I saw Kate & Leopold. My older cousin wanted to watch it, as she is a big fan of chick flicks and said that it was a good one. I looked over who was in it and figured it couldn’t be all bad. And it was good, mostly because for some reason Hugh Jackman is so utterly believable in such a ridiculous role. Afterwards, I bought a copy of the movie for myself and looked up Hugh. I could not believe that it was the same guy who was in all those superhero movies – a genre that at the time, I was not really familiar with. But I got familiar with it really quickly, at least the ones with Wolverine in them anyway. I like the characters he plays. No matter the role, he always seems to really be that person. I think that is hard to pull off. Think about how many actors you see who, no matter the character, seem basically the same way. Now, I am not saying that they aren’t good actors. Some get typecast and that is the reason, and others probably have such strong personalities that it shines through no matter what costume they have on or what else is happening in the film. Anyway, I did a crash course in his back catalog and moved on from there.

I started reading about him, and I really liked the things I read. Every actor that he has worked with has praised his kindness, his dedication to the role, and his morals. In this era of Me Too, which has hit the film industry really hard, it is almost refreshing to hear about a guy who is married, faithful to his wife, a good dad, and who treats others on set with professionalism and care. I wish he didn’t seem like the odd guy out in that way, but I hope that others can take his lead and behave the same way.

Some of the parts he has chosen more recently have really displayed his natural talents. I can’t believe how talented he is. How is it fair that someone that good looking and great at acting can sing, play several instruments, and do all of those fight scenes in the X-Men movies too? The universe has been kind to him and also rewarded his determination and hard work. That, to me, is something worth striving for. So I don’t think I’m obsessed with Hugh Jackman. More like…I’m intrigued. And inspired.